Ema Board first started in Malaysia. Since then they have covered all the states and providences in Malaysia. From Kl to Johor up to Sarawak. EMA continues to grow with more dealers across the nation so everyone will be able to use their goods & services. We make sure that the products are not only affordable but durable.

Belka have a variety of dealers throughout Malaysia such as:-

• Perak
• Penang
• Pahang
• Kelantan
• Kuala Lumpur
• Selangor
• Negeri Sembilan
• Johor
• Sarawak


Ema board opened the first official distributor in Singapore. Since Ema has one main distributor for the whole country and multiple dealers nationwide. After they have successfully covered Singapore, EMA decided to start linking all countries worldwide. The Third Official distributor started in China and EMA is still growing throughout SEA and EU. A Ema Board, we thrive to push not only ourselves but the whole company to grow as one unit. And because of this, EMA continues to grow rapidly and bring awareness to their goods and services. Currently EMA Board is locking down more countries to be the Official Distributor in their country.
EMA Board then moved over to China. EMA has one main distributor and multiple dealers scattered around the whole of China. We are still growing there and will continue to expand throughout the whole of China. EMA is currently now looking at more distributors in SEA and will slowly start moving towards EU.

Broadening our horizons
Ema Board is expanding our services to Martin Kari Salt Cave Japanese Restaurant.
We are combining two different things, a restaurant & a spa under one roof. The restaurant will sit as a Japanese cuisine that is teppanyaki like and at the same time upstairs will be our Salt caves, this is a natural substances from earth. Salt Therapy is used for healing, It contain minerals in its purest form, as well as a blend of other beneficial nutrients. The air within the cave itself is heavily saturated with negative ions and essential minerals. This has a lot of health benefits that not only will help you breathe better but will cure eczema and asthma. EMA has started